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Category: Reflecting On Water


Carry You Home

David Meyer can hear the murmur of his injured heart when he goes running. It takes him a couple...

Poetry - The Antidote to Life


From now on, I will grow quiet, gesture you in for potato soup I made just that morning. I will...

Wayfaring Stranger


About a year and a half ago, someone recommended that I read Dozakhnama by Ravishankar Bal. Read...


I’ve read hardly 2 books in almost a year now. My reading has been interspersed with leafing through essays and more essays. However, fiction, just 2. The upside is that one of them was a book of absolute genius. I would...


I’m exiting this cave so it’s easy to put it down in words – I used to feel ugly. I didn’t like the way I looked and felt the need to fade into the background. I used to want to scrub my face with more...


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