It is very quiet in the room. I’m all alone and the small, yellow light keeps me company. Under it, I’ve just finished reading A Book of Simple Living by Ruskin Bond. I think about the ferns, geraniums, walnuts, oaks and deodars generously mentioned in the book. I can hear the silence float in the air and imagine myself watching a rhododendron bask in the buttery sunlight. I’m thankful to Ruskin Bond for writing these snippets and sharing them with souls like us who live chaotic lives. I’m grateful that thisĀ book was sent to me. I needed something to slow down my furiously beating heart.

I’ve just lathered by feet with a plumeria moisturiser. It smells of a heaven full of sweet memories that fill your heart with a candy-like joy. And now, I’ll go to sleep.

I’ve yearned for the silence. Tonight, I’ve earned it.