So far, this year has been grand. I got out of jail, fell in love again, and planted daisies in my backyard. No, seriously.

After the post about forecasting, I have been working on what the future should look like and so far I have managed to come up with a sketch that may be called a plan. Roughly, the plan includes a decision of a life-time, the pursuit of an ambition, and taking care of my health. Another wonderful thing that is going to be a part of this plan came to me this morning.

I am going to make a list of all the books that I have read in an electronic format and buy them as soon as money comes in at the end of this month. (I don’t know where I shall keep them, but I shall leave my would-be-horrified mother to take that call.) This is because after a really long time I find myself carrying the book I am reading, clutched in my hands wherever I go. I hold the book and watch my fingers wrap around it. While I am not reading it, I keep it beside me so that I can see it. Sometimes, I even clutch the book to myself when I read something that resonates within me and I think about the vagaries of existence, the perseverance which resides in people, the sincerity of first love, and the innate need to be accepted. Holding this book has made me realise the value of having something tangible to love.

For all the intangible things, the heart has enough place. But now, the hands want something to hold on to.