Today’s Daily Post Prompt is a little longer than usual, but it’s incredibly compelling so I’m taking a stab at it. The prompt has asked bloggers to write about five different things in one post. For the entire prompt click Daily Prompt. For my responses, read on!

1. The last thing that made you mad

Surprisingly, this is so difficult for me right now. (Considering that I have a temper.) The current phase of my life does not entertain being mad. I have had to jog my memory to think of this one and I came up with…nothing. (I wrote the whole post and came back to this.) So, I will talk about something that annoys me. Negative people annoy me. I have to put up with some of them every day and it’s extremely exasperating when patience is thin. (Right now patience is as thick as the size of The Lord of the Rings – literally and figuratively.) I mean, yes, life’s shit, but the sun fucking rises and the moon fucking shines. Aren’t you grateful that there is oxygen in your lungs so that you can keep whining all day? I mean, there has to be something to be grateful for. You can whine when things aren’t okay, but not every day.

2. Your typical childhood lunch

When I was in school, it was so close by that we would come home to have lunch. Even my dad’s office was very near so he would come  home too. Back then, lunches and dinners were family affairs. Sometimes, I used to bring my school friends along for lunch too. My mother would serve us steaming hot rice and a curry of pulses with tangy mango pickle. I am sure the lunch menu varied every day, but I only remember walking home with friends, eating hot rice with a curry of pulses and fried fish, sometimes. I have been eating this kind of native lunch for as long as I can remember. I had it last night too.

The Lost Girl

The Lost Girl

For some reason comes to mind my drawer’s keychain. I have a keychain in the form of a the orange Penguin book cover of the book The Lost Girl by D. H. Lawrence. It was gifted to me by a very special person in my life. I use that keychain to lock a drawer which is full of collectibles. When I open the drawer with that keychain, I open a small library, an assortment of wrapping paper, gathered gifts from different parts of the world, letters, stationery, chocolates, recycled paper, letter writing pads, and therefore a whole world that defines who I am. Ironically, the keychain says ‘The Lost Girl’. I wonder where is it that I am lost. Or maybe, who lost me?

I think I am a wandering girl, and I will always be.

4. Self-psychoanalysis via your bookshelf or Spotify playlists

Since I could also pick last five movies I have watched I picked that. (I wrote about my Spotify Playlist here.) The last five movies I saw were: The Devil Wears Prada, You’ve Got Mail, Goliyon ki Rasleela: Ram Leela, Forrest Gump, and Queen. I can’t remember the 5th movie, I have a terrible memory but I think it was Queen.

Two of these movies have strong, central women characters. Two movies are about love. And one of them is about a man who never backs down. Self-psychoanalysing this I would say that this girl is a romantic at heart. She believes in love. She also likes strong women, and they can be from any part of the world. The choice of movies is a little candy floss, so maybe she is not all that intellectual, but she likes to live in a pretty pink bubble of her own.

The man who never backs down breaks this girl’s bubble. Pop.

5. A mad lib

Readers, your turn. Please help complete the following blanks in my mad lib. Leave your words in the comments for whichever blank you wish.

Annoyed by the incessant flocking of _________ (noun1) on his window, he shut it tight and prayed for the ________ (adjective1) of these creatures to subside. How they always found a way inside his __________ (noun2) was beyond him. There was _______ (noun3) all over the place, and he was too lazy to clean it up. Just when he removed his _______ (noun4) from the lowest drawer, a __________ (noun5) pecked at the window’s glass. He held up the _________ (noun6) he had just removed and _______ (verb1) at the creature. There was a flash, and a noise, and then silence.


In the end, there is always silence.

The Daily Post, this was fun!