There’s a person I have known for some time now. Through the winter mist I have come to notice that this person smiles brightly when they talk to me. (They, so as to mask the gender. I know my grammar. Thank you.) So, this person has always been around, but the warm smile I get is what I’m just starting to notice. And with the smile ensues a gaze that goes straight into my eye, so as to say that this is for you. A smile, for you girl because everything is so beautiful. A smile because this day is right. A smile because what you’re saying could be anything, but that you’re saying it is what matters. A smile because, why not? Why not?

Initially, I allowed myself to question this. I’m no skeptic, but I live with many so it’s tough. Really, it is. Now, I don’t question it. In fact, at this moment as I write this, I’ve decided not to read too much into it. And possibly, if I can, not to be suspicious of any beauty that is around me. So, when that person smiles at me again, I will smile back like I usually do, but this time I won’t ask myself, why is this for me?