I need to start this post with a question to all the writers out there: How many stories can you write at the same time? Or how many different kinds of writing can one possibly do at one phase in life? I am curious. And I am not looking for an “easy” answer here. If one can do a lot, and I’m not doing it, I am willing to up my game. So, there.

Now onto the post.

It’s not about anything. In fact, it could be about a lot of things. So much has been happening lately. Like how about thinking of an upgrade for CST railway station? Really. We’re the financial capital of this city and we deserve a swanky station. So, how many people up for demanding one?

And then there is collaborative writing. Yes, NaNoWriMo is 2 days away and the writing community is gearing up to lose their minds. But then there is also talk of collaborative writing for an anthology of short stories. Who’s in? What will be the theme? What are we going to write about? And how often will we meet? Answers? Participation?

Also, there is some sort of escapism in the stacked up calendar of daily life. The excuse I give myself every time I look at my blog and think of the multitude of things going through my mind which I don’t express. I tell myself, “I’m busy right now. A lot is going on.” And sure it is. There are meetings, work, dinners, lunches, conversations I’ve never had before; and then there is a time when I think of the blog and tell myself it deserves better than rambling. I excuse myself from a little flexing of my fingers. And then this lovely, brutally honest post hits my inbox and I have to snap out of my excuse-mill.

I had hot, roadside vada pav and cutting chai for lunch today. At 3 pm. There was a satisfaction that rushed in and took its spot in my heart. Lunch has not felt so good in all these days. Yes, I eat well; sometimes in some very expensive places. But lately, it has been feeling like a chore. One that I do because I can’t deal with acidity issues. (Tip: Drink hot water to combat acidity. Works like a charm.) So, yes, the lunch. It was heaven. And that’s why Mumbai, you’re a darling.

I saw a cradle outside a children’s home today. It has been put up there to take in abandoned children. The reactions to this particular cradle have been diverse. Some said it is criminal to leave kids like that. Some said it was really sweet to take them in. I couldn’t help but notice the contrasting views. Like two sides of the same coin. Some people saw what was abandoned. Some saw what could be taken in. While I mulled over this, a beautiful (and wonderfully funny) friend remarked about the cradle, very aptly, “It’s wonderful that is it there, but the need for it is sad.” I thought that was hitting the nail right on the head.

Among the thousands of things that have been happening (which I should write about) I’ve posted a picture that I took today. Hope it brings a smile. It did for me.

Until the next time, when I am as honest.


Giving you some parts of me; A tear and some twirls; And leaving behind shavings of this life; Like demure lavender curls.