Ever seen a sea when it is calm? The vast sky above it, countless lives inside it, and throbbing entities around it. Sometimes it has populated beaches around it, sometimes it has a pulsating city; sometimes it has nothing but sand to go to; sometimes it washes the feet of a quaint settlement. Yet, ever seen the calm sea being bothered by anything but itself?

Surrounded, surrounded by everything that one can possibly think of, does a sea ever have a sense of insecurity? Of being subdued? Of living under the shadows of the clouds? Or living at the mercy of the colonies inside it? Never. It always is what it is and what it makes itself to be. A calm sea is never angered by a stone thrown at it, neither it is irked by sailing ships that seeks its refuge while they wish. It lived on and on and will go on forever. It meets the sky where no one can touch them. Try as we might, we’ll never be able to be where it is with they sky.

Men may do anything they might, they’ve never been able to conquer a calm sea. They never will. All the barricades and armies; all the rule-books and blueprints; all the walls and bridges will never be able to take a calm sea head on and win. Conquerors will always lose. They may wish to win, but will always see the losing side. A calm sea is at no one’s mercy, is never full of pride, is not what men have built that can be owned. You can’t own a calm sea. You have to let it be.

It is what it has always been, and what will always be. It is understanding and all-encompassing. A calm sea is liberating. It does not own anything but itself, and it does not wish to be anything that anyone else wants it to be.

A calm sea is unconditional.

Love is a calm sea!

Love is a calm sea.

– Sameen

A happy 3rd blogoversary to my blog! 😀