To drift each night with loneliness
Embark on a journey of solitude
and walk into live dreams of times I rued.
Oh! What a delicate life and such distress!
Yet I wake each morn; a petit songstress
to flutter and sing songs in multitude.
Each day a varied perch and altitude,
and a will to put myself to redress.
Come come o winter, and I shall trespass
a barn to bid time and write anew;
a song-a-day for each new sunrise.
Come come o misery and I shall surpass
all your determined promises untrue;
and drown you out with each song’s reprise!

– Sameen


  1. Emotion I chose: Hope
  2. This post is a part of the theme for this month on this blog—Emotions—as a lead-up to my blog’s 3rd blogoversary.

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