For a while now I’ve been in the midst of a flurry of events happening at breathtaking speed. I’m living life in the fast lane if I may say so myself. In all this while I’ve made some observations about human psychology. Though I’m not a certified expert at this subject, observation teaches me a few lessons and I want to put it in paper and ink (not quite literally though.)

I’ve observed that human beings can adjust to any situation. They will groan, complain, and abuse change when it arrives but they acclimatize to it under any circumstance. Basically, if you tell someone that they do not have access to certain resources they will complain about it but sub-consciously their minds program themselves to work without it. And at the end of the day humans can do well without the ‘particular’ resource themselves. Humans can live in the harshest conditions if need be. They can take anything that comes their way. Even if they think they cannot take it, they eventually do. Humans are very much capable of taking care of themselves by themselves.

That last sentence brings me to another point I’ve noticed. No human in the world can help another human. We help ourselves or we don’t help ourselves. It is in human nature to be an individual at all times. We are an entity by ourselves and we live that way each day. Sometimes when we are in a fix we fool ourselves into thinking that our ‘friend’ will help us out but the fact remains, your ‘friend’ only gives you support, at the end of the day you help yourself. You do. (I want to add that we cannot do without the support though.)

One more thing that I have noticed about human behaviour is that we are a very scared lot. Humans look for negativity and hidden truths in everything they see. They think everything and everyone has a cloak to hide the reality that it possesses. We don’t trust each other enough. It is a shortcoming of us being part of a race and unfortunately we don’t realise we are a unit by ourselves.

Humans also love to worry. It is like an addiction and a necessity at times. Worrying about what happened, what will happen and what they will do when it happens. If you notice they don’t worry about today. Because they don’t realise they live in today. Worry gives humans a reason to plan their future. Plan what they want and what they don’t want. Unfortunately, sometimes, this is more of a hindrance than help.

It is essential for a human to seek acceptance. This characteristic is also mentioned in the Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory and very rightly so. In order to seek acceptance humans tend to go overboard by making it a habit to please others and keep a tab on what they think others think of them. Note: it says what ‘they’ think others think of them. Everyone is so busy thinking of what someone thinks of them and thus it just adds up to no one thinking much about anyone!

I’ve made these observations by noticing people around me, the ones I’ve been directly interacting with and the ones that I’ve been observing from afar. I don’t have a judgement to pronounce by the end of this and I think it’s not fair on my part to even try to do so. As of now this is all I had to say and until I see some more characteristics its adieu from me!!