Einstein’s Theory of relativity has a consequence namely the Relativity of Simultaniety which states thatTwo events, simultaneous for some observer, may not be simultaneous for another observer if the observers are in relative motion.

Now I’ll just simplify this theory according to my comprehension. I understand that all of us in life are in relative motion with each other since all of us were born on different dates at different times. We began this journey at an instant of time which is only relative to all those around us! While we are travelling along the 3 dimensions that govern this universe our paths intersect and at each co-ordinate we create a different story. Only that these stories are varied in composition to every observer from their points of observation. This is because all of us are in relative motion with each other!

Very simply put, all of us have a different point of view of the things that happen and we should understand that!

Alright getting down to the point I’ve really lost my marbles and I do tend to talk about such redundant data at such instances of time. So, considering the afore mentioned theory, you may have a completely different view of what you are reading as my intention of writing it. And I do not blame you for that! We are all in relative motion you see…

I was watching the ‘Indianised’ version of the show ‘A Moment of Truth’. It’s called ‘Sach ka Samna’. When I saw the original show, while just surfing on TV, I saw a contestant ‘facing the truth’. Then, I thought that she (the contestant) had a lot of guts to answer such questions in front of the public because at the end of the show all she had was a ‘totally smashed’ personal life and a few dollars! Recently when I saw the Indian version it was déjà vu for me, because even this contestant had a ‘totally smashed’ personal life and no money in this case! (But I think the Indian lady might have it worse because women in India are treated like doormats. That makes for another article though!). I would not make ay comments on the nature of this show but I know one thing for sure I would never ever participate in such a foolhardy contest! I really wonder if it is so difficult to admit the truth then, should the truth be as condemned as a lie is? I do admire the fact that those women can admit things that most other people would not even say to themselves! One more person I admire for owning up the truth is a friend who I met recently. Though not in public, but, by her own admission she accepted her life’s facts that were true but definitely not pleasant to hear. I applaud her for the bravery she showed that day. But I really want someone to answer my question-If the truth is so unpleasant to hear then is it that we have masked our lives in such a way so as to look good in our own eyes? So in short it simply means that we live our own fairy tale lives! Don’t we? (Or is it that, this is my point of observation, from the co-ordinate I am at!)

Coming to fairy tales, someone once told me that I live in a fairy tale land and that I must accept reality the way it is! Now, from what I gather by this statement and the entire ‘truth’ discussion above is that, I must accept truth the way it is! So what about all the lies that I have also witnessed? I was also told that ‘white lies’ are good for health (of the person who is saying it and the recipient too!) Now that I am an engineer the following is my deduction.

Aim: Accept reality.

Axiom: Reality = Truth

Data Provided:

Truth = (sometimes) harmful

White Lies = (sometimes) helpful

Fairy tale land = A white lie.


airy Tale land = helpful

Conclusion: Aim contradicts data provided

Considering that, the same person told me that white lies are helpful and also I should NOT stay in a fairy tale land, the above is a contradiction! I think I have wasted words in giving so much thought to such a futile statement! (Not to mention so much time too!)

Now, it might sound futile to me but to the person (maybe) it makes sense because it is being viewed from a different co-ordinate! Here, again, I do not want to make a final comment, but I do not mind if someone else wants to provide an alternate judgement!

The long and short of this entire discussion is that, I am at a point where I do not have much to do and hence I would like time to take me to a point in space where I can find some use for myself. And then, maybe, I would write something with a lot more coherence. In the mean time, all I know is that I find myself admiring Shahid Kapur more than ever, whenever I see the ‘Kaminey’ promos, for that is what a Greek God should look like!!! 🙂